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Advantages of Hiring a Paper Shredding Service Compared to Purchasing Your Own Paper Shredder

Many businesses utilize the services of a paper shredding company. Some businesses do so to ensure compliance with legal regulations, such as medical practices who must abide by HIPAA laws. Other businesses use a shredding service not only for privacy reasons, but also out of convenience. Paper shredding services are able to securely shred mass amounts of documents in a very short amount of time. Better yet, the services are affordable for businesses of any size. shows you how using a paper shredding service can save you time and money while adhering to mandatory regulations.

Time Management – Shredding Service vs. In-House Shredding

Paper shredding companies offer on-site and off-site shredding services. In on-site shredding, the service comes to you in the form of a truck-mounted shredder. The entire shredding process can be observed by you and takes very little time. Some mobile shredding trucks can shred over 75 boxes of documents in as little as 30 minutes; this is approximately 146,000 sheets of paper. In off-site shredding, the service picks up all of your boxed paperwork and transports the files and documents to a warehouse where large machines quickly shred the contents of your boxes. The time spent on your site is only for loading purposes.

In-house shredding is accomplished with a paper shredder that you purchase. A typical office paper shredder can manage a shred rate of 4000 sheets every 30 minutes, but the machine needs a 20 minute break after running for a continuous interval of 10 minutes. It would take many hours to shred the same amount of paper as a shredding truck can achieve in a half-hour.

Consider the production hours you would be wasting by having an employee feed paper into an office shredder. The numbers simply do not add up. It makes financial sense to hire a shredding service to destroy important documents on a regular basis. You will improve production, save money, and see an increase in efficiency by using a paper shredding service.

Paper Shredding and Documentation of Compliance

Paper shredding services have a specific set of practices that they use on every shredding job. This ensures your important documents and proprietary information are never seen outside of your company. On-site shredding services provide you with maximum control over the process, as you can physically be present while the documents are being handled. When the documents are loaded onto the truck, you are able to view the entire shredding process via a camera.

Off-site shredding services also provide a secure means of file destruction. A chain of command is strictly followed on every off-site shredding job. During off-site shredding, each step of the process is recorded. The files are secured in a truck from the time they leave your site until they reach the shredding plant.

A certificate of compliance is issued when the shredding service is complete. This is a necessary document for many businesses to retain. The document proves that files and records were disposed of in a proper manner, which can help your business avoid negative financial repercussions such as lawsuits or government fines.

Sustainability Practices in Paper Shredding

Paper shredding is not only for businesses that need to save time or meet regulatory standards. Businesses that wish to be environmentally friendly also use paper shredding services. Certified paper shredding services recycle the shredded materials after the shred is complete. According to information from Rush University, recycling one ton of shredded paper can save 17 trees. One ton of paper is approximately 200,000 sheets, or just 105 of those standard-sized file boxes you have in the storage room.

Paper Shredding Costs

Are you wondering what the price would be to have a paper shredding service destroy all 146,000 sheets of paper we discussed earlier? If the service were to perform an annual on-site shred of all 75 boxes, the cost to your business would be approximately $550.00. Now imagine what you would pay in electricity and labor if you had an employee do the same amount of shredding in your office.

Maybe you don’t have 75 boxes to shred, or perhaps you would prefer to have the service stop in on a monthly basis. Paper shredding services like to meet your needs and are very willing to work on your terms. Check out some of the average prices for a paper shredding service:

  • $114 for an on-site paper shredding service to destroy three 65 gallon capacity bins of documents each month
  • $ 40 for you to drop off four banker’s boxes full of documents at a shredding plant
  • $250 to have an off-site paper shredding service pick up 16 standard files boxes each quarter

The cost of hiring a paper shredding company is very reasonable and the service can be utilized as often or as infrequently as needed. The service provides many benefits over in-house shredding, from compliance to financial savings to increased productivity. provides resources on paper shredding to help you maintain privacy standards and meet production goals.