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Off-Site Paper Shredding

Off-site paper shredding is done at a shredding warehouse, sometimes called a shredding plant. Businesses that use shredding services will find that off-site shredding is somewhat less expensive than on-site shredding. Paper shredding services that offer an off-site, or warehouse shredding, service maintain your documents in a safe manner from the time they are picked up at your business until the time they are securely shredded. Alternatively, most shredding services also allow you to drop off your documents. Knowing the details about each type of service, and understanding the costs involved, will help you choose the right shredding service for your business. brings you the basics of off-site paper shredding.

Regularly Scheduled Pick-up

With scheduled pick-up, you can arrange for boxes of sensitive paperwork to be picked up on a regular basis from your facility. You can store paperwork in banker’s boxes, or obtain secured containers from the shredding service. Shredding services will often provide secured boxes for you to use at your place of business for no additional fee. With scheduled pick-up, an employee from the shredding service arrives at your location in full uniform wearing a picture ID issued by the shredding company. You verify the identity of the employee and show him the location of the boxes or bins.

The employee will then cart the boxed documents to a truck which is GPS-equipped. Your sensitive files will remain in the locked truck until they arrive at the shredding facility. Here, the files are comingled with other documents to be shredded. Once shredded, the paper is bailed and sent to a recycling facility, or sometimes recycled at the same plant. At no time is there an opportunity for your sensitive information to become lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Frequency of Pick-Up

Scheduled pick-up is a convenient option for most businesses. You can arrange pick-up as frequently or infrequently as you need. Some businesses will find that monthly pick up is just right for their needs, while others might need weekly or quarterly pick-up. Most shredding services do not require a contract, so if your needs suddenly change it is not a hassle to adjust your pick up schedule.

Drop-off Shredding Service

Drop-off shredding services work well for businesses that do not need large amounts of material shredded. With this type of service, you are responsible for bringing the documents from your business to the shredding facility. Some shredding facilities also use drop off locations such as local office supply stores.

Cost of Off-Site Paper Shredding

Scheduled pick-up costs vary by company and location; however, most companies are similar in their pricing. In addition to the prices shown in the fee table, keep in mind that many companies charge a pick-up fee. This fee is usually a flat-rate and can range from $40 to $100 depending on the company policy and distance from your location.

Off-Site Shredding by the Box Scheduled Pick-UpCost
Small Box (Standard Size Storage Box) $12
Large Box (Legal Size Storage Box) $15
32 Gallon Container $32
65 Gallon Container $43

Prices for drop-off shredding services are usually based on the weight of the documents to be shredded. Prices start around $.75 per pound and can go up significantly from there. Some locations will offer a flat rate fee per box, typically beginning at $10 for a small box. The exact cost of a drop-off shredding service depends on the geographical location of the drop-off facility and whether you bring the documents directly to the warehouse or if you utilize an alternate location.

Off-Site Shredding and Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is important in many different industries. Whether you operate in the legal, educational, medical, tax consulting, or entertainment field, you should adhere to certain standards for document destruction. And while these are some of the more common fields where compliance is important, no business is exempt. Anyone who maintains a customer base, writes bids or contracts, or addresses needs of clients should think about the procedures they use to dispose of unwanted and outdated materials. Off-site shredding is safe. Your documents are subject to a chain of command throughout the entire process. Once your documents are shredded, a certificate of compliance is issued, just as it would be in an on-site shredding project.

Off-site shredding is the answer for businesses that have only a limited amount of materials to be shredded. The service is secure, effective, and reasonably priced. is your on-site and off-site paper shredding resource.